Home & Houseware

We stock a large range of basic, designer style and seasonal style home and houseware products.

A carefully selected ranged of white tableware and standard but stylish cutlery suitable for restaurants, caterers and the household are available. The range includes:

  • antipasto platters
  • entree, dinner and desert plates and bowls
  • dishes for all accompaniments including dipping bowls, olive plates, cheese and cracker platters
  • cake and desert platters


Our designer and seasonal style products include:

  • tea and coffee sets
  • dinner sets
  • cutlery sets
  • Xmas designed sets

Accessories stocked by us include:

  • salt and pepper shakers/grinders
  • mortar & pestle sets
  • professional cutting knives
  • a full range of cooking utensils
  • cookware including pans, pots, baking trays and roasting dishes
  • coffee and tea pots including percolator mocha pots and plunger French presses
  • warmers (for rice and meat)
  • unique cutters such as pineapple and avocado cutters

Glassware incorporated into the range includes glasses for

  • wine
  • beer
  • general tumblers
  • milk and smothie shakes

The glassware range also includes jugs, fancy and decorative bottles (for water), decanters and wine carafes.

Flour Sieve

Our full range of plastic and paperware includes:

  • napkins, hand towels, toilet paper and tissues
  • plastic plates (oval, round and bowls)
  • plastic and paper cups for cold and hot drinks
  • containers, takeaway "noodle boxes"and food bowls

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Local partnerships

Gaganis Bros is committed to Australian manufacturers. Proud partnerships have been developed with Australian companies to produce quality products under the Gaganis brand, including fetta cheese, sheep milk yoghurt, Adelaide hills honey and stone ground tahini.